Field Layout Services

Infinity Platform’s Field Layout Services was borne to provide a solution for construction companies, building owners, General contractors,
and subcontractors that will minimize project delays, injuries on the job, labor costs, and lost time
while by increasing field layout accuracy through our technical expertise.

Data Prep Services

There are two available options:

  1. Customers provide the layout using our block library of points. A  Trimble file is then created and exported for the field crews.
  2. Full data prep service – Infinity Platforms will generate the layout file and then create the Trimble file for export.

Layout Services

There are two available options:

  1. Infinity Platforms will upload the Trimble file into the robot and tablet and then mark out the deck.
  2. Full Layout Service – Infinity Platforms will complete #1 above and then also install the sleeves/floor boxes/etc.

Premium Support Service

What type of support will be available for customers?

Dedicated Client Success Managers are assigned to each of our customers.
Hours of support are from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Calculator your ROI

Quickly calculate your estimated cost savings when using Infinity’s field layout services instead of your current manual crew.

Layout Outsource Calculator

Layout Crew Please Enter a Number.
Weekly HoursPlease Enter a Number.
Avg Cost per personPlease Enter a Number.
Current points per dayPlease Enter a Number.
Points per deckPlease Enter a Number.
Total DecksPlease Enter a Number.
Labor per week ($)
Points Per Week
Cost per point ($)
Total Points Cost ($)
Weeks to complete
Infinity Crew Weeks to complete
SAVINGS in this project ($)

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