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HQ Platform is an all-inclusive software as a service system designed to meet the human resource needs of small to medium sized construction, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Production plants, factories, and workshops that are on a HR growth plan.


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Schedule & Dispatch


Asset Management

HQ Platform's Time Saving Calculator

Number of Employees Please Enter a Number. #
Average Hourly WagePlease Enter a Number. $
Workdays Per MonthPlease Enter a Number. #
Minutes Lost Per Day, Per EmployeePlease Enter a Number.
APA reports 49 minutes per day per employee
Average Payroll Overhead /BurdenPlease Enter a Number.
Payroll Tax, Liability, Work Comp, etc.
Human Error MonthlyPlease Enter a Number.
APA Reports 1% to 8%, 3% is typical
Human Error Monthly$
APA Reports 1% to 8%, 3% used
Overpayment Monthly$
Estimated, Exaggerated Time Report
Infinity Platforms TIME Monthly Cost$
Savings Per Month$
Monthly Savings TIME
Yearly Savings$
Monthly Savings TIME X 12

Human Error

Save this amount through automation by eliminating the human error that goes with processing payroll from spreadsheets or paper time cards. The APA reports an error rate of 1 – 8% of total payroll in companies that use time cards or time sheets. We used a 3% error factor for this calculation.

Overpayment (Minutes per employee, per workday really add up!)

Late arrivals, long lunches, and early departures cost you time and money, paper time sheets and spreadsheet costs add up fast. According to the APA, the average weekly “theft” of time is 4 hours and 5 minutes per employee! (49 minutes per day per employee in a 5 day work week.)


The calculated savings do not account for any overtime pay. Savings are drastically increased if you are paying overtime on estimated time worked.

Payroll Processing

How much of your time is wasted every payroll trying to read and reconcile employee time worked? The HQ Platform can streamline the payroll process.


  • Immediately, all the information you need. Quickly check the status of your financials, attendance or events that need your attention.
  • Fully customizable, on demand console to display all your data needs.
  • Permissions based dashboard allow you to customize what everyone sees when they log in.
  • Also has the capability of displaying data from 3rd party external databases, allowing you to have all your metrics in one place.

Org Chart / Viewpoint

  • Real time project overview
  • Work force distribution and job costing in real time
  • Attendance chart overview
  • Detailed manpower roster – see who’s at each project

  • Asset management – view what assets you have assigned to each project
  • Manpower schedules and attendance reports
  • Identify trends with ease


  • All HQ data is available for you to export
  • Custom reporting on anything you need to see


  • Setup your budgets to keep track of your project progress
  • Directly corelates job costing from your estimate budget to the clock-in usage by your workforce.
  • Live cost to complete analysis.


  • Employee can clock in at job station or from a mobile device
  • HQ by Infinity app is available for iOS and Android, on Apple, as well as a web-based platform
  • Employees can change tasks throughout the day on the app, and this data is displayed in real time on your platform.
  • Managers can adjust their employees time cards at any time
  • Project clock-in can be assigned to a group of individuals, or one by one, eliminating wrong entries and scroll time.
  • Photo ID taken on clock in and out.
  • Geofencing allows you to know where your employees are clocking in.
  • Alert method shows you if a specific clock in was done outside the threshold for a particular site,
  • Work safety – by punching out, the employee can confirm whether or not he/she got injured. If they select “yes”, a few questions must be answered before completing the clock-out.
    For example, the system asks if an injury report was filled out and if the supervisor was notified.
    This information is then sent to the supervisor and HR.


  • Projects (or clients) are setup here
  • Project details
  • Sub sites can be entered for each Project
  • Job meetings and contacts
  • Client preferences – for service contractors, this gives you the ability to specify preferred technicians for your clients, as well as exclusion list.*
  • External ID’s: This is used to connect to SAGE or any other 3rd party database. (Import/Export)

Upcoming Features:

  • Submittals, RFI, Purchase Order and Change Order tracking
  • OEM manuals, close out documents, warranty and other documentation relevant to the projects/client
  • Inspection and permits requirements displayed automatically based on zip code
  • Close out checklist for the project

*This feature is only available if you are also using the Call & Dispatch module.

Schedule & Dispatch

  • Your dispatcher workhorse
  • Work Order/Task creation and scheduling
  • Remote dispatch – Assign tasks to field technicians
  • Field team notifications – tech gets notified of newly assigned work orders
  • Client notifications – tech can instantly notify the client that he’s on route and include real time location for better tracking
  • History tracking and log – for clients and equipment, to help streamline future deployments and/or interventions.
  • Document attachments – allows you to attach schematics, drawings, manuals or any other documents that your field tech might need for the intervention.
  • Service checklists
  • On screen signature – client signature required for WO to be closed and processed in the office. No changes can be made once the client signs.
  • Service log
  • Invoicing


  • Full employee profile
  • Permission based access level – HR, Management, Services all have access to different levels of information to maintain data privacy.
  • Skill set evaluations and development tracking (with score)
  • Job costing usage – immediately, review the total hours any given employee has spent on a task or tasks (career development)
  • Clock-in statistics
  • Attendance log and vacation days tracking
  • HR log – all interactions, warnings or notes can be logged
  • Assigned assets with full history log and serial number tracking
  • Accounting and payroll sync

Asset Management

  • Overlook all your company assets
  • QR Code printing and scanning capabilities
  • Ability to add photos of assets
  • Ability to set Warning Dates for assets
  • Ability to add Repair Notes to assets
  • Completely sortable by asset type, job site


We keep looking to the future of your company as it grows,
just understand there is never a limit to the ideas or concepts that you may come up with on the way.

We are an innovative and intuitive company built on customer requests and making them happen.

There is nothing that inspires us more than the possibility of making the impossible possible.

We are a think tank in design and have nothing more than a love for creating platforms that
automate and seamlessly tie business facets together.

We can customize any of the current portals as well as create any additional
portals you may have had envisioned.

HQ Connect

Allows you to connect to SAGE, ADP, Paychecks and many other platforms. Custom integration, imports and exports.


Secure and Reliable

1. What type of security infrastructure is in place to secure data here?

Our servers are hosted in several data centers, for redundancy. They are backed up several times a day, with 99% uptime.

2. How secure is the data center?

State of the art firewall in combination with real time protection. Each domain in encrypted using SSL certification

3. Are there disaster recovery solutions in place?

The servers are backed up on the data center several times a day, and on top of that, we make backups from our own headquarters, as a failsafe.

4. Is sensitive data encrypted?


Premium Support Service

1. What type of support will be available for customers?

Presales/sales, post-sales Full implementation support. A client success manager will be assigned to you – he/she will help you along the way even when you didn’t think you needed help. His/her task will be dispatch any resources you will need along the way, without you have to do the leg work.24/7 Tech Support / real time live chat on your client portal.

2. Will it be phone, ticket system, knowledge base?

You will have a direct line to your success manager; on top of that, phone and ticket system are available

3. Time/days of support?

Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM EST.
Live chat 24/7

4. Any specific SLA’s in place?

30 min response time guaranteed

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